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Everyone has to get a prescription refill at one point or another. This is usually a fairly simple process, requiring nothing more than a quick trip to the local pharmacy. The pharmacist will likely have you on record as someone designated for the medicine in question. If you need over the counter medicine or greeting cards, we have it all.

However, there are times when the prescriptions themselves need to be renewed. In these cases, you may need to get in touch with your doctor and request the renewal. Only then will the pharmacist be able to supply you with the medicine that you need.

We also offer other pharmaceutical services in our pharmacy. We have natural vitamins as well as prescription consultation for those wishing to know what prescription may work best for them. We are a pharmacy that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and try to make your visits as painless as possible. We make our services convenient and are here for all of your questions. For prescription drugs or medical equipment, visit or contact Royal Pharmacy in Huntington Beach, CA today!